Netram Sagarmal Kedia Path
Kalpara, Pakur - 816107,

Tourist Places

Shiv Sheetla Mandir

Located to the south-east of the Pakur Railway Station, the Shiv Sheetla Mandir is devoted to Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti and is on of the major religious attractions for Hindus in the region.

The temple of lord Shiva & Shakti is one of the centers of attractions among the religious people of Hindu community. It is situated in the Southeast from Pakur Railway Station at the distance of ½ km.


This Park, situated behind SDO Bungalow & in front of Deputy Commissioner's residence, is the only beautiful & entertaining park of the district. Here stands the Martello tower, built by the British rulers of Palur to defend their Raj here from the onslaughts of Santhal warriors who had waged struggle to drive out the Englishmen, tyrant Jamindars, and Banias of their land.


It is situated in the northeast form Pakur Railway Station Between Pakur & Tilvitta. Muslims offer their prayers on the eve of their festivals at this holy place.

Hot Spring

This natural fountain is fit in the place of Sidpur at the distance of 8km from Pakuria Block HQ. Through road link is not available but its importance from religious point of view is much more for Sapa Hore tribes. People of other community have a very pious view in taking bath in this hot spring especially on the occasion of Makar Sankranti.